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The Best 18 Inch Dishwashers in 2024

When you are talking about the best 18 inch dishwasher, one of the first things that comes to mind is space saving. These types of units are typically found in smaller apartments in many urban areas. The reason for this is, as you can imagine, in most urban areas, space is at a premium and thus the need. They are compact, portable and some are built in. The portable models are very popular because they can be moved around and out of the way if you want to use the space for something else if you are not using the dishwasher. Now if terms of the top rated models that are on the market that you can buy, there is no shortage here. Various big name brands make and design these units and they come in many different price ranges. Check out a few of the best below for your money.

Top Best Rated 18 Inch Dishwashers Under $600

Kenmore 14659 Portable Dishwasher

If you are looking for a unit that will give you all the conveniences as the full size units and will not take up too much space, this model is the one. It is rated at 4.8 stars and is a solid unit. It features rust resistant racks, premium stainless steel, 8 full place settings and is energy star rated.

Kenmore 14659

Kenmore 14652 18” Compact Dishwasher

This is another great unit by this brand that does nothing but provide excellent choices when it comes to appliances. This unit is rated at 4.7 stars and you do not have to worry about sacrificing space with this unit and it performs just as a full size unit does. It features rust resistant racks that are made with nylon coating. This model is also made with premium stainless steel and more.

kenmore 14652 portable dishwasher

Best 18” Small Stainless Steel Dishwasher Under $500

SPT SD-9252SS Energy Star 18″ Stainless steel Built-In Dishwasher

Last but most certainly not least is another 18 inch model that is great for your home. This unit is built in and comes in with a rating of 4.7 stars. This model has 8 place settings and takes up minimal space.


This can be a great replacement for older appliances. It also features dual pull out racks, a time delay feature as well as 6 wash programs.