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Samsung DW80H9970US Top Control Chef Collection Dishwasher Review

Today, we are going to take a look at one of the best on the market and this one goes by the name of the Samsung Top Control Chef Collection Dishwasher #DW80H9970US. It comes in with a rating of 4.9 stars based on various customer reviews online. This brand has really made a mark in terms of how dishwashers operate. They have revolutionized how things are done. Normally, in other units, you will see a lower spray arm.

However, that has been replaced a reflective bar that motions from the front to the back that takes place in the interior during the cycle. What this allows for is forceful sprays of water that hit the moving bar which then send a wall of water all through the racks for increased coverage. In addition, when it comes to top-down cleaning, you will find the ever-present rotating spray arm. In terms of performance, it does a great job at cleaning, drying as well as rinsing soiled dishes. This unit is also very quiet and is simple to load.

Another great aspect that you will find is the top flatware tray so that you can easily place your trays in a specific spot.

Samsung DW80H9970US dishwasher inside

Quick Specs On The Samsung #DW80H9970US Dishwasher

  • Self cleaning
  • Rinse aid refill indicators
  • Zone booster option controls
  • Display time on front
  • Great capacity
  • Third rack cutlery shelf
  • Easy to load top and bottom racks
  • Foldable bottom rack tines
  • Easy to use dispensers and control panel

Overall, this is a great Samsung dishwasher and at a price range of $800 to over $1000, you want to shop around to make sure that you can get the lowest price around.