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Bosch SHEM63W56N 300 Series: New and Improved Performance Review

Bosch has been making some impressive advancements over the last few years with new features while keeping pricing competitive with other models on the market today. The Bosch SHEM63W56N 300 Series Dishwasher is no exception, sporting improved performance without sacrificing cleaning power or saving energy for customers who are looking for both efficiency and durability in a budget-friendly package that won’t break the bank when you buy either! Let’s dive into the details of this dishwasher and find out what makes it special.

The Bosch SHEM63W56N 300 series is a 24 in, top-mount full-size dishwasher with a stainless steel tub that’s designed to fit under any standard countertop height for easy installation where space is limited or you have an older home without enough room for the larger 36-inch model.

The interior width of the wash chamber measures 18 inches while still having plenty of capacity at 14 place settings (or up to about 12 large dinner plates). It also features PowerMax technology which helps give dishes more cleaning power than most other models by delivering constant water pressure throughout each cycle as well as providing four different settings so there’s always one perfect for your needs.

The dishwasher is also Energy Star certified and has a 16 place setting capacity with an interior width of 18 inches. This full-size model features PowerMax wash technology for more cleaning power than any other model as well as four different settings to meet your needs perfectly.

It’s designed to fit under standard height counters up to 36-inch models and it includes the stainless steel tub that’s an easy installation where space is limited or you have an older home without enough room for the larger, 36-inch model. This unit comes with two racks that can be adjusted so they’re perfect for all kinds of dishes or large pots/pans while still fitting on one rack when needed.

Additionally, the Bosch SHEM63W56N 300 Series 24 Inch has a new and improved filter design which is easy to clean by hand or with your dishwasher cleaner at any time. It’s also designed for energy efficiency with an Energy Star rating that can save you up to $150 per year on utility bills depending on where you live.

This model will automatically adjust its cycle times based upon how much water is being dispensed so it uses only what it needs reducing waste and saving money as well as using less soap since there’s no need to over suds dishes/utensils when they’re clean enough. You’ll love this dishwasher because of all these features plus more!

Bosch SHEM63W56N Specifications

  • Sanitize Option reduces 99.9% of bacteria with a hot-wash rinse for sparkling clean and sanitized dishes
  • Front controls offer easy cycle and option selection
  • Quiet 44 dBA sound level
  • Holds 16 place settings to accommodate your loading needs for different occasions
  • Offers 5 wash cycles, including heavy, auto, normal, rinse and hold, Speed60 (1 hour wash) and 4 options including delay start, half load, sanitize and extra dry
  • Stainless steel tub
  • 3rd rack adds versatility and offers 30% more loading capacity
  • RackMatic offers 3 height levels, for 9 possible rack positions
  • FlexSpace tines fold back to fit your larger pots and pans
  • Spray arms project water directly toward your dishes, they minimize spraying the inner sides and door, further reducing noise
  • Half load option reduces cycle time and water consumption when washing small, lightly soiled loads that fill half or less of the dishwasher’s capacity

What We Like:

  • Space saver – The Bosch dishwasher’s height is just 24 inches, which makes it easy to fit under a countertop
  • Quiet operation – It operates quietly with only 48 decibels of sound output
  • RackMatic features and FlexSpace tines allow for flexible loading options that best suit the user’s needs

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some owners report that they have to clean the water inlet filter more often, which is also an easy fix


The Bosch SHEM63W56N 300 Series 24 in. Black Dishwasher is a good choice for those who need to save space and want an appliance that operates quietly, efficiently, and cleans dishes well. It also offers flexible loading options with RackMatic features and FlexSpace tines as well as the ability to wash small loads by using the half load option which reduces cycle time and water consumption when washing smaller, lightly soiled loads that fill less than half of the dishwasher’s capacity.